Launch Day - Vegan Coconut Wax Candles

The day has finally arrived - LEPE is launching!

Getting to this stage has comprised many months of research and development, and I am finally excited to share my carefully selected and lovingly hand-poured festive scents. Deciding on which scents to present to all of you has been a difficult and long process, starting as far back as May, and I feel that the three I have chosen to go with would be a beautiful addition to any home. I wanted to write this blog post to describe why I chose each of these scents, and hopefully why I think you should introduce them into your home, or as gifts for loved ones over the festive period.

Christmas Spice encapsculates all that is warm and comforting at this time of  year. Despite the difficulties of this past year, I am determined to ensure that Christmas stays as bright and merry as it always has done, and I think that our Christmas Spice candles can bring that much-needed warmth into your homes. With top notes of orange and mandarin, and a deep base of patchouli, Christmas Spice reminds me of boxing day - sipping spiced chai latte and surrounded by a box of Celebrations. It reminds of the slowness of Christmas. The calm surrounding it all.

Gingerbread... need I say more? This smells absolutely divine, and if, like me you are obsessed with the smell of baked goods wafting from the kitchen and into the rest of your home, then this is sure to be a favourite. It genuinely makes my home smell like a festive bakery, and who could possible argue with that?

Now I introduce you to our third and (potentially) final festive scent - Fireside. If you are looking for a more earthy and woody fragrance this Christmas, then Fireside is perfect for you. Whilst Christmas Spice and Gingerbread are warming scents, Fireside emits a much more cool and crisp fragrance - perfect for those of you who prefer a more subtle festive reminder in the air.

I have loved every step of the testing process with these scents over the past few months, and there is no doubt in my mind that they will be enjoyed by so many of you.

Most importantly, I hope that whatever small items of luxury and comfort you permit yourself this Christmas, that you are keeping well (and sane) amidst this difficult period. 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride, but I am very much looking forward to enjoying some well-earned down time this Christmas, as I hope you will be too.

- B x


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